ROADS Classics


My first ROADS was “Madame Bovary” (my review here) and since then, I understood what the “hype” with all these ROADS Classics editions amongst bibliophiles was all about. I ordered “Dracula” and “Venus in Furs” (my review here) from Book Depository soon after finishing “Madame Bovary”.

A little while later, ROADS Publishing contacted and sent me these three beauties—I remember immediately messaging all my close friends about it because I was just so excited. It’s like Christmas came half a year early when I found them in my mailbox. Yes, the excitement was that intense. (Thank you again, ROADS Publishing!)


“Notes From Underground”, “The Scarlet Letter”, and “The Hound of the Baskervilles”


I love everything about them—the modern minimalistic cover designs that are so on point with the stories, the light pastel colors, the paper material, and even the fonts. There’s a certain elegance and luxury to reading these editions—it sounds strange but you’ll understand what I’m talking about when you get one! 😉

They’re always rolling out with new titles, so you can check their catalogue on their website (along with all their other luxurious items). I’m looking forward to getting “The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” or maybe “Gulliver’s Travels”.

Check them out at:
You can get these classics through Amazon or Book Depository. If you are in Bangkok, just head over to Kinokuniya!


2 thoughts on “ROADS Classics

  1. Really pretty! I didn’t know about them until now! Notes for the Underground is a certain buy for me! Do you know other similar editions? I know that the Persephone books and Vintage Classics are aesthetically appealing.

    Ha,as for the comment I wrote a while ago,I realised that I can only find your blog on reader and read your posts from it.If I click on the name of your blog,I cannot access it.


    1. I have another edition of “Notes From Underground”, which is the Popular Penguins edition (the classic orange ones). I hadn’t really noticed other editions…I just looked it up on Book Depository to see all the covers, and you’re right about how the Vintage Classics one looks very appealing!
      I’d still recommend this one from ROADS Publishing though 😛

      I hope you’ll read it soon! Would love to know what you think about it!

      And still no idea why you can’t access my blog directly 😦 Seems like no one else is having problems with it…I hope whatever’s wrong will get fixed soon! Thanks for coming back and checking though! 🙂


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