Vladimir Nabokov Museum


My visit to The Vladimir Nabokov House Museum in St. Petersburg

If you ask me to list my favorite books, one of the top five I would mention would always include Vladimir Nabokov’s “Lolita”. I love that book so much. I still have yet to post about it, but—will do soon.

Anyway, so I’m in St. Petersburg, and I went to visit the Vladimir Nabokov House Museum! I didn’t even know there was actually a Nabokov Museum until I started planning my trip.

He only lived there for a few years—the house he described about immensely in “Speak, Memory”. For him, this house was “the only house in the world”—as after he left, he never really lived in any other houses that were his own or just always stayed in hotels.

The museum is quite small and I was there for only about twenty minutes or so. There are only a few rooms and not too much to look at, but it was still such an amazing feeling to visit the house of your favorite author. It was overwhelming to get to see the first English edition of “Lolita”, his index cards, his eye glasses, his scrabble game, his pencils, and etc…

If you are a Nabokov fan, this place should definitely be at the top of your itinerary when you’re in St. Petersburg. I went on my first day here, actually. To be honest, I was looking forward to visiting this place the most, more than all the other attractions in the city. 😛

thumb_IMG_0321_1024Above: In front of the house

thumb_IMG_0312_1024Above: My cheeks were aching from smiling so much. So much excitement.

thumb_IMG_0330_1024Above: First English edition of “Lolita”

thumb_IMG_0336_1024Above: A suit he was often seen in.

thumb_IMG_0342_1024Above: His glasses.

thumb_IMG_0343_1024Above: His pencils. How old school. He wrote all those amazing works with those!

thumb_IMG_0341_1024Above: His scrabble board. The letters spell out “S P E A K, M E M O R Y”

thumb_IMG_0333_1024Above: His butterfly collection, “Vera’s butterflies”. He made butterflies his signature and often mentioned them in his works. He often drew butterflies on letters for his wife, Vera.



thumb_IMG_0338_1024 2


Here is the website of the museum: http://nabokov.museums.spbu.ru/En/

I recommend that you go before or after you visit St. Isaac’s Cathedral because they’re pretty close to each other.


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