“…in St. Petersburg, the most abstract and intentional city.”


Leaving St. Petersburg, with more understanding of cultures, around 2,000 photos, and a belly full of Russian crepes.

“…in St. Petersburg, the most abstract and intentional city on the entire globe.”
– Fyodor Dostoyevsky in “Notes from Underground”

I’m at the airport now, waiting for our flight to Moscow.

Here are some of my snaps around St. Petersburg! Hope you enjoy them! It’s such a magnificent city—so much grandeur, but if you look closely, there are little quirky, amusing sights here and there.

thumb_P1010283_1024Above: The grand Nevsky Prospect

thumb_P1010307_1024Above: View from our balcony of Nevsky Prospect—to the east.

thumb_P1010305_1024Above: View from our balcony of Nevsky Prospect—to the west.

thumb_IMG_0692_1024Above: The iconic Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood. I thought it’s kind of funny how my mom would always say this style is (in Thai) “Onion head church”.

thumb_IMG_0727_1024Above: Right in front of the Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood. Breathtaking.

thumb_IMG_0720_1024Above: Inside the Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood. It’s very colorful inside with all the murals. The chandeliers are really something—so elegant and exotic.

thumb_P1010324_1024Above: At that magic hour when the sun is setting—view from our balcony over Nevsky Prospect. Loving the colors.

thumb_P1010323_1024Above: One of the most magical and surreal sunsets I’ve ever witnessed. The sky was on fire. This was during our last night in St. Petersburg. Taken from our balcony.

thumb_P1010351_1024Above: We loved our view from our balcony. We stayed at a hotel called “Hotel Marel”, right on Nevsky Prospect 102. The location is ideal, within walking distance from the main sights (though quite a long walk) and there are bus stops and metro stations around. The host, Ann, is also incredibly nice and helpful. She’s so sweet and we were truly lucky to have found such a great place to stay at. I highly recommend this place if you’re going to St. Petersburg! It is more of like an apartment than a hotel, but the rooms are spacious and there’s a kitchen where you can make your coffee or keep things in the fridge.

thumb_IMG_0775_1024Above: Peonies are my favorite flowers in the whole entire universe, and in all universes. Unfortunately, they are unreasonably and ridiculously expensive in Thailand and can only last up to three days, and the whole time, you have to keep them in the fridge. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw them, even though they’re wilted, in the gardens near the Hermitage. I was crouching on a bench to get a good photo—a car honked a few times at me, but the drivers were laughing and waved.

thumb_IMG_0748_1024Above: More flower snaps. This is the set-up in front of our go-to food place, “Market Place”. If I was the queen of the world, I would make it a law for every restaurant to do this in front of their doors.

thumb_IMG_0766_1024Above: The display of Heaven at “Market Place”

thumb_IMG_0765_1024Above: About-to-become-drinks ingredients…I think. They just look so cute.

thumb_P1010226_1024Above: Nevsky Prospect

thumb_IMG_0259_1024Above: St. Isaac’s Cathedral before our climb up to the colonnade.

thumb_IMG_0272_1024Above: St. Isaac’s Cathedral

thumb_IMG_0262_1024Above: Learning culture. 😉

thumb_IMG_0507_1024Above: Russian crepes with smoked salmon for breakfast before our visit to the Hermitage. This was at Le Pain Quotidien.

thumb_IMG_0628_1024Above: By the time we had our brunch, coffee, and waking-up adjustment time, it was around noon.

thumb_IMG_0528_1024Above: Luxury interior design at its finest.

thumb_IMG_0552_1024Above: A portrait of Catherine the Great inside the Hermitage—she’s my role model.

thumb_IMG_0592_1024Above: There are only about a dozen original paintins by Leonardo da Vinci in the world, and two are at the Hermitage here in St. Petersburg. This one is the “Benois Madonna”.

thumb_IMG_0585_1024Above: This is the other da Vinci painting—a more well-known one. The “Madonna Litta”. Couldn’t get a good photo without the reflection.


Above: Inside one of the millions of golden rooms in the Hermitage

 thumb_IMG_0570_1024Above: My favorite part was seeing all the chandeliers. I just want to have a hundred of them in my home.

thumb_IMG_0620_1024Above: Corridors on corridors on corridors

thumb_IMG_0503_1024Above: St. Petersburg and I understand each other.

thumb_IMG_0494_1024Above: Loving the decor.

thumb_IMG_0496_1024Above: Chillest morning cafe vibes.

thumb_IMG_0804_1024Above: The Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea—taken during our hydrofoil ride to Peterhof. Truly incredible.

thumb_IMG_1720_1024Above: For whatever we lose (a you or a me)
it’s always ourselves
we find in the sea.
– e. e. Cummings

The sky and the sea are inseparable!

thumb_IMG_1224_1024Above: Landing at Peterhof! First encounter with the Baltic Sea and it was a memorable one.

thumb_IMG_0859_1024Above: Peterhof grandeur. Fountains and water shooting out everywhere.

thumb_IMG_0921_1024Above: Fall is and always will be my favorite season. Since I live in Thailand now, it’s not something I get to experience every year.

thumb_IMG_1610_1024Above: In love.

thumb_IMG_0901_1024Above: Rub for good luck?

thumb_IMG_0910_1024Above: Want a house where it’s alwaysalwaysalways fall.

thumb_IMG_1617_1024Above: Looking for the perfect maple leaf.

thumb_IMG_1160_1024Above: Gulf of Finland & the Baltic Sea = ❤

thumb_P1010253_1024Above: Snaps around the city

thumb_P1010252_1024Above: Cafe shops everywhere you turn—they made this city well.

Overall, I had such a memorable time here. The highlight was probably the hydrofoil ride across the Baltic Sea to go to Peterhof and visiting the Nabokov Museum. Walking around the city and just strolling was surreal too, as all the architecture is overwhelmingly stunning, especially if you know about the city’s history and its upcoming. Nevsky Prospect and its sidestreets will already take up a lot of your time and already blow your mind to numbness anyway.

I’ll definitely have to come back again. I still need to see Peter and Paul fortress and go to Tsarkoye Selo, which weren’t at the top of my itinerary during this short trip even though I know they are “must-see” place”. If anything, I need to come back to see the Dostoyevsky Museum anyway. 😉


3 thoughts on ““…in St. Petersburg, the most abstract and intentional city.”

    1. St. Petersburg is so beautiful! I highly recommend a visit there! 🙂
      And I’m not that knowledgeable about Russian (or any type) of history at all—too many names and numbers 😛 Just crammed and studied up before the trip 😛 hehe
      Catherine the Great…She was the most renowned ruler in Russia, and in St. Petersburg, you just see her everywhere! 🙂 She was also the longest-ruling female reign and built up Russia to be its strongest ever. …and side note, she also sent out orders to get her husband arrested and then he died.
      Women power! 🙂


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