(First publication: 1898 / This edition: Penguin Books, Little Black Classics 2015)
Taken with coffee and red orchids Mom and I just got from the market today

Like vodka, money can make a man do the most peculiar things. (pg.48)

In my last post on Anton Chekhov, I said that I’d read “Uncle Vanya” next…but I saw this one on my shelf today and just decided to go with it.

Hmm….There’s not too much I want to say about it (I’m more excited about my photo of it, haha) because I didn’t enjoy the read that much. As I’ve said many times, I’m not really into short stories—and this one’s just 14 pages long, so it’s really short. It’s a story about wealth and happiness, and explores the meaning of them.

I don’t really get Chekhov’s point, and I don’t get if he’s trying to be sarcastic or what.

I just don’t feel anything.

I’m not sure if this is The Climax, “hitting-the-nail-on-the-head”, moral of the story sentence, but if it is…I just don’t…see eye to eye with him?

If life has any meaning or purpose, you won’t find it in happiness, but in something more rational, in something greater.
Doing good! (pg.54)

I agree that “doing good” should be included in your life’s “purpose” and “meaning”, but that doesn’t mean that “happiness” is completely out of the equation.

And a character in the story was ranting on about how a happy man shouldn’t be or doesn’t deserve to be happy because there are unhappy people in the world… I just don’t see how that’s beneficial to anyone, because… that means everyone should just be unhappy and be in an “equal state and common ground of unhappiness”.

(Feel free to correct me if I missed the point of the story.)

So…two Chekhov’s read, and still not that into him.



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