Smallcreep’s Day



“Smallcreep’s Day” by Peter Currell Brown
(First publication: 1965 / This edition: Peter and Martin Ltd. 2008)
Taken at the courtyard of 137 Pillars House Boutique hotel in Chiang Mai

Clocks can hypnotize, you know—make you lose your sense of time.

I started this book during the past weekend when I went back to my hometown, Chiang Mai. I got this book back August last year after seeing it pop here occasionally on social media. I heard extremely good and convincing reviews about it. I was curious.

I’m only half-way through and think I will stop.

I tried hard to stay focused and concentrate, but it’s just not that interesting for me. I get what it’s about—Smallcreep goes through the maze of the factory he’s working in, and he encounters all kinds of people (magical realism involved), and there’s a lot of complaining satire about the ways of “the system”, working life, economy, and the world in general.

I like the concept and some parts did catch my attention… and I would get my hopes up thinking that, yes, maybe I can get through the whole book.

But it’s been a few days and I feel like it’s going nowhere—it’s uninspiring for me.

Maybe it’s just not the right time.

I’ll probably have to give it another time in the future.




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