“11/22/63” by Stephen King
(First publication: 2011 / This edition: Pocket Books 2016)
Taken during a coffee break at Hands & Heart cafe

Who can know when life hangs in balance, or why?

……. I’m still surprised that this book finally finished.


I really felt like it was dragging on and on and on and on and on… I was so tempted to just stop 7/10 of the way.

This has got to be the longest book I’ve ever read (1000+ pages). I thought “Anna Karenina” was long, but this one… I really thought it was taking too much of my time and that it was going nowhere.

Okay, okay, before I get all negative about this… The book’s actually not that bad—I enjoyed it… at least the first half. It has depth and there’s so many layers—I have so much respect for Stephen King for having such an incredible mind to come up with such a complex and detailed story. A good story about time-traveling is hard to write—there’s so many layers, lives, worlds, and details you have to think of.

This book had been on my wishlist on Goodreads for a long time—but I was always hesitant on reading anything by Stephen King until I read “The Green Mile” a few weeks ago and found that he’s not that horrifying (if I just choose the right books). I really enjoyed “The Green Mile”—and after being in a reading slump through the few books following that read, I wanted something thrilling again.

“11/22/63” started out thrilling. It was still thrilling halfway, somewhat. It felt so long ago—probably a month ago when I first started reading it; I would be reading up to 80-90 pages a day because I would get so absorbed in the story. But after halfway, I started zoning out, losing track, losing interest… wishing the story would just end already. To be honest, everything was kind of predictable too—so it wasn’t as a thrilling ride as I was hoping to get. It was too dragged out to be “thrilling”.

Now people who’ve read this will probably say that this is meant to be a more “meaningful”-slash-“love story” rather than a “thrilling” story. But even then, I felt like the love story in this is just not that impressive—I didn’t feel moved by it. Maybe it’s because of my own personal issues (not in a lovey-dovey mood these days), but I think it’s because it’s just too dragged out that I was just concentrated on trying to get to the end. The main characters didn’t really impress me either—so a part of me couldn’t care less if they got together or not. I felt like neither the main guy or the girl touched or moved me in any way.

The time-traveling bit was definitely interesting—even though I wish I understood it better. But I guess that’s the same with every supernatural story—you always want to ask “But why?”.

Hmm… would I recommend this to anyone?…

I don’t know. It’s not really my cup of tea—which is a shame because I was so excited about reading this. But it has a lot of great reviews and received great ratings (not on just Goodreads, but other news sites)—so I might just be the “odd one out”.




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