Letters, to the Women Like Me


“Letters, to the Women Like Me” by Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol
(First publication: 2017 / This edition: MMCM 2017)
Taken during a coffee break at Casa Lapin—right after a visit to the doctor and the doctor saying to lessen the caffeine intake.

Wherever I am
Is your home.

I have much admiration for MMCM. I admire her passion, her ability to express herself thoroughly and so emotionally through words, her confidence, and her wanting to reach out to women all over the world in hope of empowering them. I follow her work and love her first book “Letters, to the Men I Have Loved”. Though I felt a little less relatable to her second book “Elusive Loves”, I still find her words comforting and I know that I can always go back to her when I need encouragement (or when I feel vulnerable, too).

I was really excited when I found out that her third book was coming out. I was so excited that I was going to pre-order a copy so that I’d get her signature too, but… those damn shipping prices. So, I had to wait and order it through Book Depository.

Anyway, I did enjoy this one—but not as much as I had hoped. It was less poetry and more about her experiences, written in almost like a “Sex and the City” style. Sometimes I thought I could literally hear Carrie Bradshaw read out those words to me (and yes, I’m in my 17th marathon of SATC). I guess I just expected more poetry… and over the years (since her first book), I’ve gotten so cynical. Last night, I was just telling my friend who’s going through a tough relationship period that, yes, I don’t believe in soulmates and I don’t believe in being 100% dependent on another human being and hoping that they would stay with you forever (and if someone did expect that from me—that they’d die without me—I’d feel so exhausted too) (whoa, rant rant rant).

My point is… as much as I admire and respect MMCM, sometimes her words presenting “forever” and “infinite” just make me a bit…. meh. For example, saying thins like “All the more reasons / I’ll never let go / All the more reasons / I’ll love you more.”… and “You are my forever natural satellite / I can’t escape you / as you control my tides. / You orbit my life. / and illuminate my night.”—it just makes me feel exhausted. It is my personal belief that people aren’t supposed to tied together—they’re not supposed to “never let go”. Why would you ever put that burden on someone? And you should be able to exist on your own—not have someone “control your tides”—what a trouble that is for you and what a huge responsibility is it for that other person?!

…..okay, I’m done ranting.

There is one poem that struck me though, and I love it:

Wherever I am

Wherever I go
You will be welcomed.
Wherever I rest
You will rest.
Whatever I know
You shall know.
Wherever I am
Is your home.

I loved this one and feel that my feelings are relatable. It makes me think of my boyfriend—I wish I could write this for him.

Anyway, regardless of all that (accidental) ranting, I still have so much admiration for MMCM and will continue to follow and collect all her works.



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