milk and honey


“Milk and Honey” by rupi kaur
(First publication: 2014 / This edition: Andrews McMeel Publishing 2015)
Taken during a break from bookshop-hunting at Black Velvet Coffee in Melbourne Australia

nothing is safer
than the sound of you
reading to me
—the perfect date

I’d seen this book around so many times—on “Recommended” shelves in every bookstore (it feels like, lately) and all over social media. The other day at Kinokuniya, my boyfriend pointed it out to me that his friend has it or likes it or something like that. I kind of dismissed the comment—I’d seen it many times and skimmed through it, but felt that it was too “juvenile” or too sappy. I don’t like reading love-related things if it’s about “needing one another” and “I can’t live without you and would die if you leave”. I sensed that this book would gear towards that, so always put it down. I was definitely curious about it though—I picked it up a few times (but had never gotten to purchasing).

Anyway… so I’m in Melbourne right now on holiday. It’s been a while since I’ve posted because I’ve been so crazy busy with work that whenever I got home, I’d just pass out. (Excuses, excuses.)

I’ve been to 6-7 bookshops in total here (and spent way too much), and found my paradise at Dymocks in the CBD (ugh, I’m so lame for falling in love with a chain bookstore, I know.) Anyway, so Dymocks had the “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” deal—which I also fell for three years ago when I was here and also at their Hong Kong branch (such a sucker for book bargains). Anyway, so I ended up buying this book as one of the three.

Like I said, even though I had kind of always dismissed this book, there is still this curiosity to see why it’s so popular and why so many people recommend it.

After reading maybe 75% of the poems (quickly)… I still don’t see the appeal.

There’s only one poem in there that I quite liked, but I didn’t feel much for the rest. Like I assumed, it felt too juvenile and too “I was only my best self when I was with you” and too “I NEED you or else I won’t survive”. Though I have to say, a lot of it are more on the “painful” side of love… which I’m not going through right now. So, maybe that’s why I’m not that “into it’. And I don’t really want to dig up painful experiences in my past just to “align” and “get in the mood” of what she’s writing.

I did not NOT like it. I just didn’t feel anything.

Having said that, I have to say that I admire her and feel inspired by her. She was able to share her thoughts and deepest feelings in this form to the public from tumblr to Instagram, and then eventually sold probably millions of copies all over the world. I see people quoting her all the time on Instagram. So because of that, I’m glad to have a piece of her work.


Here is my favorite poem from the book:

you might not have been my first love
but you were the love that made
all the other loves

(pg. 63)


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